4 Android Apps Worth Checking This Week

  • Kim Cabral
  • 2019-18-Nov

As the spring begins, the developers roll out their new projects. What’s on now? We selected two fine games and two apps reminding us of the early 2010s, though still potentially popular. So, here we are with one 1990s flashback, one app to reanimate your old devices, a virtual card deck, and an evidence that SMS is not dead.


JRPG is a special sort of games, with rich elaborate storylines, massive video interludes, topnotch graphics and anime aesthetics. JSRPG is the same, with some strategy added. Langrisser is a perfect example of a Japanese SRPG ported to mobile devices. If somehow you missed it while it was a thing on PC (or you weren’t born yet, as the original games were released back in 1991-1998), there’s a chance to catch up.

Of course, this new version is graphically revamped and resembles rather later instalments. But the principle remains intact. It’s an RPG with turn-based fight episodes, but with multiple moral choices as well.

The continent you’re fighting for is divided between two cults, of a dark god and a light goddess, both with their own sacred swords. Your army is on the mission to return Langrisser, the sword of a magician that served the Goddess of Light. On this way, you’ll need to win fights in a chess-like manner, but you’ll also have to select who to fight against or with.

This story, like it, often happens in Japanese pop culture, looks like an eclectic patchwork. German and Arabic legends, Zoroastrian dualism of gods and Machiavellian philosophy of politics, and it’s all wrapped in a very logical game.

RWBY Deckbuilding Game

Card games are only empowered by going digital, and that’s the case with RWBY Deckbuilding Game. Based on the famous web series about fighter girls, it brings its characters to life in the game and lets you feel like a huntress. The game is anime-styled, with rich fantasy applied to both graphics and plot.

Collect a deck of cards that symbolize actions, attacks and defenses, equipment, or heroes. Then use this deck against your enemies to attack them or defend. If you cannot stand alone, you can request help from friends to defeat a boss.

Being a rather traditional card game, RWBY offers lots of game modes. You can play alone against an AI, or invite up to three friends to a quick match. There are also private games that require an invitation from your in-game friends. Finally, Relic Adventure mode is a 3-player free mode where you can earn Relics, and Raid is a team match against an AI-controlled boss that gives new cards.

Even if you’re no fan of the original series, this game can get you hooked. But beware: if you pay too much attention to it, you may lack time to read our new apps review next week.

TextBlast Bulk SMS

Sometimes you need to send the same text to a group of people. Messengers won’t do, because some of them don’t use the Internet at all, and some just use different messaging services. Good old SMS is versatile, but native apps make it a mess to send the same text to a group of people. TextBlast Bulk SMS to the rescue!

The app will automatically add the first name (so make sure it’s written the way you want your contacts to see it!) To make your routine easier, you can create groups right within the app and then select it with one tap.

It seems no good for real mass announcements, as it will cost you. You better use special SMS services, providing more messages for a smaller price. But if you need to make announcements, say, once a week, for a group of 20-25 people, this app will save you enough time.

Widget Screensaver

If infinite customization is exactly why you prefer Android, you shouldn’t miss this one. The app is, in fact, an editor for your screensaver that Android does have. The developer is surprised to notify that no one seemed to pay attention to this feature and equip the screensaver with widgets.

Well, that’s fixed. Widget Screensaver is exactly what it says on the tin. Now you can customize your screensaver with all the widgets you can imagine, including clocks, calendars, weather widgets, news, mail, messengers, or social media, and so on.

The app will hardly be necessary in your daily routine, but you can find another way to use your old phone or tablet, unless its system is older than Android 5.0. Put it on the stand or in the cradle and run your calendar or clock for 24/7. It will be a perfect nightstand lamp, always showing what you want it to display.

There is also burnout protection that will keep your OLED or AMOLED screen from burning out while showing static pictures.

So far the app can fail to start on Huawei/Honor devices under EMUI launcher, as it locks third-party screensavers. But it seems the only issue that cannot be fixed. If you have an old Huawei, you better try it with an alternative launcher for Widget Screensaver to run.

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