Adventures of the Boneless: Human: Fall Flat Migrates to Android

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-05-Jun

One of the Steam bestselling indie games, Human: Fall Flat will finally make it to the Android platform. That means you can torture Bob — the boneless, marshmallow protagonist of the game — on the go. The release date hasn't been specified though.

Don't Know How, Don't Know When

Human: Fall Flat is a notorious hybrid of a platformer, puzzle game, and a physical comedy genre. Famous for its treacherous controls and a few exasperating puzzles, it managed to establish a steady fandom and sell around 5 million copies.

The upcoming Android port is a collaborative effort between 505 Games and  Curve Digital. It isn't known if it features any mobile exclusive content and how well the controls, that sometimes failed you even on the PC, will work on the touchscreen. The premiere date hasn't be mentioned either. All we know is that you can get pre-registered in Google Play to get notified when Human: Fall Flat will finally become available.

Hopefully, most of the original game's features have been kept unaltered. And Bob is still as plain white, as he is customizable in the in-game editor. The mobile port itself will be implemented by the Codeglue studio, portfolio of which includes the successful Terraria mobile adaptation.

Human: Fall Flat for Android can't wait to test your patience once again. Now the challenge is even harsher! Get pre-registered and be among the first players to try Human: Fall Flat mobile.

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