Block Spammers with a New App on iPhone

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

There is a new spam blocking app in town. It is called Firewall, and it blocks all the calls from scammers or spammers on your iPhone. It charges only $3.99 per month. While some of us believe that this is too much to get rid of annoying ads, people who are attacked by scammers more often will definitely enjoy the app.

How does Firewall Work?

It stops all unwanted calls on their way to call you or leave the message on your phone. But if you want to call them back, Firewall will provide you with a fake number so you will trick the spammer. And don’t worry, the app has unlimited fake numbers for you.

how Firewall works

It is not ok to be attacked by spammers or receive more calls from them than from your family and friends. This is why Firewall offers it services. You may order 2 weeks free trial, after which you will have to decide whether you need it or not. The app uses a special approach, called the whitelist, which, according to app developers, guarantees 100 percent block of calls, you don’t want to receive. For this, users need to form the list of all numbers which will be able to go through the block, with contact list numbers included.

How to Use the App?

There is smart AI inside the app. All the subscribers must send their own number of Firewall app. After that Firewall checks all the incoming calls before connecting them with your phone. If Firewall decides that this number is spam, it redirects it to the mail service of the Firewall.

After you will form the whitelist and share it with the app, the Firewall will be able to identify unwanted calls. Besides, it has a wide database with numbers of spammers across the country. At the same time, you don’t need to worry that you accidentally missed some number of your friend, relative or doctor. Once the call was transferred to the voicemail of a Firewall, you will have access to the message transcription. This way, you can understand whether you want to call back or not.

Once you decide that you need to call this number back, the Firewall will offer you a fake number. It will be shown on the screen of your recipient. This way, you will be able to avoid further calls if it is turn out to be a scammer. If the call was made from someone you wanted to talk to, add it to the whitelist. This way, the number will not be blocked anymore.

If you expect to receive an important call from an unknown number, Firewall app can be blocked up to 60 minutes. There is a button at the interface of the app. This app is coming to iOS phones, but the work on the Android version is in progress. You may check the latest news at the official website or subscribe to their updates.

Free Blockers for iOS and Android

If you don’t want to pay for services, you may use the Call Screen option. This feature is available for users of Moto G7, Pixel and Motorola One. Google Assistant also helps to answer calls from unknown numbers. You will receive a transcription of conversation and may join it any time you want. For iOS 13 will be Silence unknown callers mode that allows users to receive calls from numbers in the contact list.

Many users will find these apps and features satisfying and enough. But some of us need and extra protection from spam, and Firewall is there to help. You don’t have to pay for the app before you try it and find out if you actually need it.

When Does the Blocking App Help?

Developers of the app believe that it will become popular in no time. A lot of users receive spam calls every day, and many of them receive it several times a day. If you have tried this app or similar blocking apps, please, share your opinion about them below. You may also tell if you are willing to pay for blocking spam services or not.

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