Clash of Clans: Play and Win with Our Tips  

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Whether you are involved in it or just going to join the fans for the first time, you should know that Clash of Clans is a classic strategic action game requiring your intelligent behavior if the victory is your goal. Here you will battle against artificial-intelligence characters which are powerful and unpredictable. In addition, your opponents will be other players from all over the world whose decisions also are not as clear as you would like to see them. Anyway, you should be armed to the teeth both literally and figuratively.

Here you will erect forts using such resources as gold and elixir collected or bought during the game. In addition, you will build an army needed to perform various missions – usually to protect your forts from other players’ raids or to conduct a raid on the villages around. You will earn and lose trophies, and their quantity will provide your rank, allowing you to get more power in battles. Thus, it is important to be smarter and more skilled compared to other players in order to win the game.

We want to offer some recommendations which will help you to succeed in the battles and increase your chances to win.

Clash of ClansHold peace

It does not mean you should serve as a peacemaker. On the contrary, you should be brave and fight unselfishly but without ruffle or excitement, causing the mistakes and loss of gems. When you progress, the timers become longer. We would not recommend you to be impatient. 

Do not use all the gems that you have to speed up the things. You’d better save them for really vital moments, like building huts or purchasing resources, for instance. Use this time to perform achievements, to look around, and to examine natural obstacles. And remember that there are a lot of ways to spend your precious gems.

Collect them, and when you see a reasonable amount, think about your strategy and determine its key moments that require the gems. If at the current moment everything seems smooth and there is no need in such interference, keep the gems for a hard time. You can be sure that it will come because the end of the game delivers complicated content.

Aggressive behavior or defense

Be aware of the tactics you choose, do not act without an understanding of consequences. In this game, you can change the course of events making a single mistake. It is essential to decide what is your choice: to collect resources and avoid confrontation or to fight to other players on a first-available basis. During the game, you will always be forced to make this choice. If you choose to defend instead of attack, in this case, you should take care of the town hall, build reliable walls and other defensive structures, like towers. 

You should establish a mortar and air defense on those towers to provide strong protection. And only then you should erect and upgrade buildings, and make sure they’re fully upgraded. You can leave some mines or even buildings of low priority outside the walls and buy your opponents off, suggesting them those objects for not destroying the fort.

If you decide to be aggressive and attack the other players, build up your town hall and then improve the production of elixir, upgrade camps, and build an army. When you attack, choose the opponents who have higher level town halls to earn more.

This information can be used differently in accordance with your tactics. If you play defensively, you should not upgrade your town hall, and your town will be of no interest to other players. If you prefer to conduct raids, choose the objects updated to the most.

Be sure to know the perimeter 

There is the principle condition to succeed in this game, and it says that you should protect your resources with as many walls as possible screening them from outside. Be sure that your perimeter is protected in a proper way without gaps. The structures should be linked uptight. Thus, you will be able to slow an opponents’ advance. 

You’d better pile up multiple layers of walls to get them stronger to stand against the attacks of the enemy. In this case, your walls will be able to resist the Wall breakers. So, if you find a cell, fill it in with a building. Ensure that you have powerful defenses located in the center of your town and protect them with other buildings and additional walls so that if troops of an opponent enter the city, it will take them more time to get to your arms depot. And that will give you chances to repel an attack.

What are Shields?

If you always attack, you can get sucked. Here the title provides you with a shield. If 30% of your town is destroyed and some other conditions occur, you will get 12 hours to make a pause. In order to use this time for the benefit, you should first accept it. Remember, if activating this option, you will continue attacking, you will cancel out the shield, and that is not good because your going gets tough. That is why the best thing you can do in this case is to stop and look around.

Use this valuable time to find ways to boost your economy and upgrade your army, or spend the resources you have to move your town hall out. And do not forget to watch tabs showing the moment when shield expires as far as the others can start attacking you immediately. Though you will be suggested some extra time to get prepared for an attack. So, if the opportunity comes up, use it at your advantage. And another method to avoid attacks is to make your device to run the game all day, and then you will stay secure.

Pick your targets

Well, now you are looking for your opponents to attack. At last, you found them, and here you should think twice about the stuff which can affect the result of the fight. Check their Town Hall level. We have mentioned this moment before. If it is lower than the level you have, you will lose your resources and the victory will not be beneficial for you.

Do your best to understand how many resources the enemy has. Consider whether there is a sense to attack. Perhaps, the game isn’t worth the candle. At least, you should get the amount of resources that you spend on troops. Find out exactly what kind of resources you’re going to get if you win. Remember that trophies allow climbing the ranks, elixir allows earning back resources you have spent for troops.

When all the above details are considered, find, and target the most powerful objects which defend the resources you are interested in. Use giants, wall breakers, wizards, goblins, and barbarians with their unique skills for particular tasks. That is important to keep in mind that you are not allowed to control your troops directly. Thus, you should determine your targets first and then think about how can you achieve them with the troops you have.

Clan Battles – how to behave

When you are lucky enough to get the maximum of your Town Hall level, when you complete all levels of a single-player and reconstruct your own castle, you can think that you are an experienced player and have a good reason for that. Now you are definitely ready to be involved in the organized clan play. Join the big game and socialize in it — use clans to enjoy the title to the full. Of course, you are expected to contribute troops. Do not forget to communicate and ask for a piece of advice from senior players in a team about your actions.

First, you are recommended to attack villages without stars, because it will bring you good results. You can rely on the gameplay and allow it to find an appropriate opponent for you. 

There is a matchmaking option that can do it properly. The point is that if you win the tougher opponents, your allies with a lower level will have to complete challenges of increased difficulty and fail to do it. As a result, you can lose the allies you need. On the other hand, when you choose easy opponents, you will leave those lower-level allies without the enemy equal to them and again they will have to battle with those which they can’t win. Keep in mind this peculiarity and find a happy medium.

Customize your armies

Spend enough time for tailoring your troops and prepare for the war properly. There are a lot of functions. For instance, you can apply the scout function to understand the enemy location. Choose the armor which can be useful under particular circumstances. If the walls are low, you can send your troops going land. If you see that the opponent does not protect his city from the air, use balloons. Inform your mates in the clan of what kind of troops you are going to use for the certain attack.

Share Your Experience

As you see, the game is full of depth. It is demanding and engrossing. You should be smart and experienced to choose an efficient strategy and change it when the events require it.

If you know more about tricks, please, share your knowledge with our readers in the comments.

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