Flower Crown Eevee Returns to Pokémon Go: Reaction of Users

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Pokémon Go is a trendy game where you are suggested to travel through both virtual and real worlds. Thanks to such a unique combination, the title scored unbelievable success when it was released in 2016. Now it continues to upgrade and arrest the attention of fans all over the world with its new features and challenges.

In this article, we are going to consider the current common concern about a costume Pokémon. As you know, it was removed from the game until recently the representative of the developer announced that Flower Crown Eevee will appear again from now until November 1st. You will be able to complete the Research Breakthrough eight times and be rewarded with Flower Crown Eevee. This creature is rather nice and has several versions, but still, the players are not glad to know about this return.

What is this all about? 

Eevee is one of Pokémon species. It has brown fur, ears of a rabbit, the tail of a fox, and the face of a cat. Being rather small and cute, it shows the traits of all the above animals. It lives in cities mostly, but if there is a need, it can go to any place and evolve to adjust to the new environment. With its unstable genetic code, the creature can easily evolve in any of eight other Pokémon depending on the time of day, friendship level, and surroundings. It is able to run away and has high adaptability.

When we speak about Costume Pokémon, we mean a creature wearing some special accessory or clothes, changing its experience but not the stats. It can be a flower crown, which is an exclusive appearing in Research Breakthroughs.

Flower Crown Eevee is going to be a weekly research breakthrough reward again. It gets a +1 in the looks department. Still, most players are not satisfied with this reward. The point is that if you want to get a Research Breakthrough encounter, you should complete Field Research tasks and you are expected to do it on seven different days. During last months the players were enjoying Legendary Pokémon as a reward and built their plans based on this creature. Now when the developer suggests accepting a new option, you should change to a costumed Pokémon that players have already obtained and considered to be less interesting.

Another unpleasant moment is that Eevee has stopped spawning in the wild. As a common Pokémon, it is able to show brilliant results in gyms. Everybody liked it, but it disappeared, and the players replaced it with the other one adjusting their strategy to its capabilities. Now when Flower Crown Eevee returns, they have to amend their plans again.


This annoying situation still is not able to prevent players from playing the game. There are a lot of moments which bring benefits. First, you can count on Ultra Bonus events providing a chance to catch and obtain some rare Pokémon. This event always happens in September, being a logical extension or, we would even say, a result of Global Challenge events of summer. Divided into three parts, it rewards trainers for their summer efforts when they performed various tasks. In addition, the Pokémon choice will be extended with creatures that appeared in Pokémon Black and White. 

Also, we wait for Halloween and Community Day events. Thus, even if you are frustrated because of Flower Crown Eevee, forget about it and enjoy other things.

Find Flower Crown Eevee useful?

We believe that the above information will be useful for fans of this stunning game and it has thrown light on the events connected with Flower Crown Eevee.

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