Fortnite Season 8: VIII Marks the Spot

  • Kim Cabral
  • 2019-01-Mar

We only had one day to hold our breath after Season 7, while the next one is already here. The spring is coming, and the Fortnite is bright and full of surprises. Though it’s to be announced soon, we still have some leaks or teasers to draw our expectations upon.

So, get ready for the maritime adventure, and prepare your jumping skills, as it’s going to be hot.

The Stranger Shores

It was already quite clear that this time Epic Games would inject some pirate aesthetics. Snowmen we witnessed the last season will transform into some sea bandits. At least that’s what we see on teaser pictures.

And the intro animation confirms all of it. X does mark the spot, and the hook-armed pirate is here to meet you. Pirates are confronting The Ice King, and, as we see, the heat takes over.

Of course, there are new skins introduced. One of them is a Tiger Mask, the one that seems one of the greatest Fortnite has ever featured. And there is a new weapon: a throwing spear and a cannon! Yes, a real cannon! And not only is it meant for shooting cannonballs at enemies, but also for shooting yourself out! Just get into the barrel and shoot; it will cause you more acceleration than damage.

The vaulted items this time include Chiller Grenade, Shopping Cart, All Terrain Kart, X-4 Stormwing and – still some chill in this heat – the Sneaky Snowman.

Battle Pass this time provides you with new upgradable equipment of Hybrid and Flibustier! By the way, you’re lucky if you have completed all the Overtime Challenges of Season 7: this will deliver you a free Battle Pass for Season 8.

As for skins, there are some new as well. Say, Luxe is the first top-tier female skin some would prefer to wear, and it even got onto the official Season 8 poster. There are also Blackheart and Hybrid skins, each with its own share of attractiveness, and Peely banana skin. Ember is for those into fantasy style, making you look like an elf. Finally, there is an anime-styled Master Key (Tier 87). New pets are also here, a dog and a fox.

Among other updates, the one worth mentioning is Party Assist. If you activate it before the start, you’ll be able to complete a match “with a little help from your friends”.  Daily quests will be also easier to deal with, as they’re claimed automatically right after you complete them.

And some will surely appreciate the limited time 50vs50 mode. The party of 100 players is divided by two, and the party that lasts longer wins. The teams approach the island in different Party Buses, from opposite directions. There’ll be a dynamic line between two teams, and crossing it will raise the chances you’ll be noticed and attacked.

So, this bunch of innovations impresses, and if you have been out of Fortnite for long because of being tired, there’s a chance to see it the way you never did before.

The Ground is Lava

Bright fire colors have been driving us into expecting some lava breakthrough last days, and slowly burning Wailing Wood seemed to amplify this suspicion. Now the lava is out, and our island really has its own volcano, though not a big one. Anyway, it adds more diversity in the topography we have learned well already.

Volcanic activity also shows in some geysers appearing here and there, that can propel you up in the air. As for touching the lava, it’s not recommended, but neither is it lethal (in case you’re not short of health). You’ll get 1 point damage and then bounce off. Don’t land onto it again.

There are also objects to visit in your first quests. You’ll need to find pirate camps, for example, and there are seven of them around. For Battle Pass-ed ones, Giant Faces in the jungle or in the snow will require some quick matches to go through, but it’s no Mission Impossible, just a stroke to color up the process. Yet you can visit all three within a single match.

The colors are also burning this time. The update boasts its excess of paints, making it acid bright. Maybe it’s just the work of contrast after cold winter colors, but it’s noticeable in the lobby as well.

So, it’s a really hot update, maybe the hottest Fortnite has ever experienced.

When Do We Begin

The start of Season 4 has been scheduled on February 28, 2019, so it’s already on.  If you haven’t updated the app yet the way we always do at the start, check your data plan or connect to Wi-Fi: it’s about 3.63 GB.  The game has grown a lot; so have its features.

Though the update is said to fix some bugs, there are new as well. There is an error the developers are aware of. So far the pickaxe can’t be used as a weapon, it causes no damage to the opponent. They’re on fixing it now.

The season is scheduled to last until May, 9th. So get out into the spring and bring your devices to play outside. These updates are definitely worth checking, and there are much more of them than we mentioned, leaving the minor ones for you to discover.

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