G Suite Will Benefit from Gmail AI-based Spelling and Grammar Check

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

If you use the collection of tools provided by Google and gathered in the set known as G Suite, be ready for its expansion coming soon.

We hope you stay tuned for more news and know already that Google developed the perfect feature — AI-powered grammar correction in Google Docs. This feature is going to be added to Gmail. Now you will be sure of correct grammar and spelling when you are working with any textual files. It will take just a few weeks to make it available for all G Suite users.

Gmail appFunctional Area

It is clear that when you write one letter per month, it may seem a little difficult to draw up any text grammatically. But if your duties are connected with daily e-mailing, you might need some help, because you may fail to be faultless under time pressure. If you are not a native speaker, the probability of a mistake when you write in a foreign language increases. In all those cases, the new feature is irreplaceable. It helps you write and edit any text without much effort and confusion.

Details of Appliance

You will find this marvelous new feature set by default. Meaning that you will not have to enable it by yourself every time when you are going to write a message. But if you use someone else’s device, you should remember that its permanent user may disable the feature. In order to return it, go to Gmail settings, and enable it. You will understand that it is on when composing a message you see spelling and contextual grammar suggestions in real-time. If you make a grammar mistake, the system will highlight it with a blue line, and if a spelling error occurs, it will be marked in red.

Let The Proper Grammar In

Be sure that this model developed by professionals and powered by artificial intelligence, can catch a lot of corrections, including simple and more complex mistakes. We hope that this article brings good news for you. Please share it with your friends and leave your comments if you have some more information on the topic.

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