Google Assistant and Home Updates: Colored Up, Heated Up

  • Viola Jensen
  • 2019-04-Mar

In a perfect world Google Home and Google Assistant would have been united and fully integrated right from the beginning, so you could command your smart devices via any of them, with Home app still rather being a dashboard and Assistant covering more requests than just smart home control. It wasn’t this integrated so far, but with new updates, our world gets closer to perfection.

Google Home becomes more and more a remote control for everything smart in your house, and in February it got equipped with a long-awaited feature. If your room is lit by bulbs from various manufacturers, it’s a trouble, even though all these devices are Google Home-compatible. You couldn’t even dream of changing the color without running the original controlling apps. Until now.

The recent Google Home update now allows you to control the color of the smart bulbs in real time. Google Home 2.9 finally offers you color control, with 42 selectable colors supported by all bulb manufacturers. Still, there’s a lot of work to do, as some important options are still out of reach. Say, you cannot view the displayed color and compare it to the actual one, or control a certain bulb separately. But the developers move in the right direction.

As for Google Assistant, it gets important updates too. Now you can give voice commands to your air fresheners, heaters, and electric fireplaces. Through Assistant they can be turned on and off, and you can as well set up various modes and toggles.

Electric fireplaces are not that commonplace to control via your phone, as they make almost no sense remotely. You need to be close to them. But wouldn’t it be great to light it right before you enter your home in the cold of winter, and then feel that sudden warmth? So you can turn it on as you approach, saying some magic word to Google Assistant.

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