Google Play Pass, a Rival to Apple Arcade, in Testing

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Subscription gaming services are the trend of 2019. Along with Apple, Microsoft, and Sony, and then Ubisoft and EA, let alone minor services, Google is in this year. Play Pass is the most versatile name for such a project, and it’s already in a testing phase. Unlike Google Stadia, this one is for mobile devices.

What’s Play Pass?

The idea of Play Pass is simple. The subscription lets Google users enjoy millions of paid apps and games for an affordable sum they pay monthly. Under Play Pass, you’ll never need to buy premium content, block ads, or pay for cloud services. Your monthly payment (probably $4.99) covers it all.

The apps the subscription offers aren’t just games. They are fitness apps, office suites, organizers, photo and video editors, probably other sorts of apps that usually require subscriptions. Well, some of them offer more expensive subscription than the entire Play Pass. Probably Play Pass versions of these will be somehow cut.

New users will be able to try it for ten days for free. If they decline the offer after trying it, they won’t be charged; but if they change their mind, there’ll be no more trial available.

The scheme is similar to what Apple announced at WWDS in June 2019. Apple Arcade users will also be able to access premium games for a fixed monthly fee, with no limitations or extra payments within. The suggestion looks even more attractive after iOS, iPad OS and tvOS get updated this fall; with connectible Xbox One gamepads or DualShocks gaming potential of iOS devices ascends.

What This Means to Android

Hardly can these two platforms be analyzed aside from Android-vs-iOS competition. It will rather be a reason to join one of the sides (or to switch). What Apple offers only includes games, not productivity apps. Yes, Apple’s offer also covers TV boxes, but Android-powered ones will handle the same apps and games as well.

We must also notice that Google hasn’t announced Play Pass officially. What we know is just a leak, and the final announcement (when and if it takes place) may be completely different.

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