How to Earn CS: GO Skins for Free

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-known multiplayer shooter with millions of users playing online. In such a crowd, it is only natural that you want to stand out and emphasize your personality. The game offers you to buy CS: GO skins for this purpose. And the best thing is that you can actually receive it for free. Do you want to know how?

Ways to Earn Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the game for team players. No matter whether you are playing for good guys or joined the bad side, the team must be your priority. CS: GO allows you to keep your uniqueness while being a team player. Skins don’t do anything specific. They don’t add you scores and don’t raise your powers. But skins may give you’re the feeling of superiority, your own value and possibly even scare your enemies. While developers sell them as in-app purchases, there is not just one, but several ways to receive the skin for free:

  • Points that you may earn answering various questions on websites like Grab Points. Take part in the survey, receive points, and turn them into real money. After that, you may convert it into in-game cash and buy any skin you want.
  • Trade the skins. If you have dozen of skins in your arsenal, but you want one with a high rarity, sign the Trade-Up Contract. You might try to trade with other players directly, but this way you can’t be one hundred percent sure that the deal is fair.
  • Wait for in-game drops. Yes, they are random and happen only in official servers. And who knows what you will get and how long you will have to wait. But you may try your luck.
  • There are uncrates that may contain skins. It is an almost unique case, but you may find amazing skin in one of the promotional containers. This happens, but not often.
  • And of course, the easiest way is to convert your cash in the game’s money and pay for the skin you want. Still, not many of us are ready to pay for the skin. In this case, use one of the options above.

Rareness of Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin

There is a scale of rareness for skins. Some of them can be met twice frequently than others. Before we discuss the rarity gradation, I have to warn you that skins you meet usually do not have the same value as unique, rare examples.

  • Gold is the no1 rare skins in CS: GO game. It is at the top of the list. Earlier there were Contraband skins, but it was canceled. They can be unlocked from containers.
  • Covert rarity. To unlock the skin, you will have to buy a key. Use the key to unlock cases. This rarity is also called the Ancient grade.
  • Classified skins. They are rare and limited, but you can still get them. They are known by the name Legendary, as well. These skins are valuable, so once you get them, you can make a good deal.
  • Restricted class. You may know them as Mythical. They have a high value for trading.
  • Mil-Spec Grade skins. These are the skins that were found or could be found in Mil-Spec Grade. So, consider it as a hint for you. They are not so rare as classified or restricted.
  • Industrial Grade skins. They are called Uncommon skins. They have a slightly higher rate than Consumer skins.
  • Consumer Grade class. These skins can be met more often than others. They don’t have as much value as other classes. Usually, officials give them via the in-game drops or during random giveaways.

CS: GO developers also divide skins on Souvenir, StatTrak, and Normal. Normal is standard, can be easily found or presented to you. StatTrak skins also track the number of killings that its owner made, which is pretty cool. Souvenir skins usually made for occasions, and contain some message inside. They can be earned during the watching of official tournaments.

More Tips From Experienced Traders

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin

There are several tips that you may appreciate. While CS: GO skins are truly great and amazing, don’t rush into doubtful deals with unknown players who just recently appeared out of nowhere. There are several rules we must talk about:

  • The market of Steam Community looks like the safest place to trade and buy, at least for now. It is also the easiest way to buy skins.
  • Always know the value of the skin you are trading. If you want to exchange one skin into another, make sure the value is an equal or little bit higher. It is a common mistake. Don’t let frauds full you.
  • If you need something specific, don’t waste your money on cases. You have to know what you are paying for. You may pay for several of them, and still, don’t get this specific item.
  • When you are not sure about the fairness of the deal, just stop it. You don’t owe anything to the person. It is better to stop the deal before it will get too late.
  • If you don’t know the real price of the skin, don’t worry. Just check categories with expensive and less expensive skins. This way, you can calculate the price.

Basically, you need to ask you how bad to you want rare skin? If you are no obsessed with one particular skin, try Field-tested skins or minimal wear option. This way, you will not have to pay your real money at all.

Are You Ready to Earn CS: GO Skins?

It is the most important question you have to ask yourself. CS: GO skins are great, and almost all of them look gorgeous. All of them can express your personality. The fastest and easiest way is to pay for the skin you want. You will receive the product you’ve paid for, would not need to search for it, trade for it, wait and hope that you will receive it as a present. Still, all the ways to earn skins that were mentioned earlier are checked and reliable. Tell us here what are your favorite skins? Share your experience with getting it? I would love to know your own suggestions about ways to earn skins.

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