Minecraft Goes Real: VR Adaptation of the Game Minecraft Earth Coming Soon

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-03-Jun

Those who used to dream about grabbing the iconic pickaxe in reality and go for the cuboid adventure may consider their wish has materialized. Mojang, using Apple's ARKit 3 virtual reality device, will release Minecraft Earth AR game.

Explore Minecraft Earth with AR

Augmented reality Minecraft will have a few intriguing details. First, the game will be capable of interpreting your real-life movements through 1s and 0s and mimicking them in the game world. In other words, if you raise your left hand — your in-game avatar will do the same. March like a Nutcracker, clap your hands sarcastically — motion tracking must do the job fine.

Second, the occlusion technology will help Minecraft Earth decorations retain realism, even if people or other real-life objects will block your view, while you're still in the game. This provides more immersive game experience, of course. But during the live demo of Minecraft Earth at WWDC 2019, occlusion showed that it is far from perfect.

As for the rest, Minecraft Earth is expected to retain canonical gameplay of the original version. So mining and building/destroying structures must be still present, as well as the social component that will allow you to join efforts with your friends.

Although rough and imperfect, Minecraft Earth is a giant leap towards bringing a big, full-fledged game into AR world. It's still unknown though if your previous progress in Minecraft could be resumed to Minecraft Earth. And if Green Creepers will lurk in your house.

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