New Details on Pokemon Masters Game

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

The Pokemon Company has revealed detailed information about the upcoming game Pokemon Masters. While the exact date is still unknown, developers say that it will be released this summer. And with the trailer and teasers by game developers themselves, it is hard not to wait in anticipation.

What Happened?

Last month Pokemon Company has made the Pokemon 2019 press conference where they announced Pokemon Masters mobile game. It was made together with DeNa, known by the work on Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run and other games of Nintendo. During the press conference, there were not many words about the game itself. Now the company released video presentation with trailer and comments from officials. It came out on June 27. For now, there is no information on the in-app purchases or the exact date.

What do We Know so Far?

The game will be available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. You may expect it this summer 2019. It has astonishing graphics and original Pokemon style. Few times I mistook one trainer in the trailer for Ash Ketchum himself. I blame good-looking Pikachu who was sitting on this trainer’s shoulder for this. I also noticed the R Team symbols on one of the team uniform. Am I right?

This time, you have more control over your Pokemons and will have more active powers to help your creatures, instead of just cheering them up. The main tournament is taking place on the Pasio island, where you and other trainers will have to show your best. Your goal is to earn as much Gym badges as possible, fighting against AI. There are two other members of your team. They all have their favorite Pokemons who fight for them. In general, there are 65 Sync Pairs which includes three trainers and three Pokemons.

Where to Look for the Trailer?

The 8 minutes trailer is available for watching on the YouTube channel of the Pokemon Company. You can search for your favorite Pokemons and get the idea about gameplay. After that, come back here and share your comments below! Did you enjoy it? What do you think of new possibilities for trainers?

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