New Huawei Phone On Its Way

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

We believe you have heard that multinational Chinese technology company Huawei sells more smartphones all over the world than Apple does, but a bit less than Samsung. And they are going to release a new smartphone after a short break. In addition to the production of mobile devices and other electronic equipment, it develops various telecommunication technologies. Its products are used in wireless telecom networks throughout China. About 180 000 employees of this corporation are represented in 170 countries. Its average annual revenue makes about $100 billion. The amount is comparable with the income of Boeing. Huge numbers!

Huawei mate 30Why was such a giant blacklisted in the USA? And what should we expect from its new device? We are going to answer these questions in the article.

Heart of the conflict

In 2017 China passed a National Intelligence Law obliging Chinese producers to assist the government in intelligence operations. As a result, US officials assumed the Huawei’s network was developed to spy on all Americans, including the US government. They also mentioned that the founder of Huawei was an engineer in the local army ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Regardless of the statements of the officials of Huawei that they were an independent business, the countries all over the world started to refuse using its equipment because they had worries about the spying. Among them, there are the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe.

Nowadays, things look a little bit different. Recently in the US, Huawei has been accused of theft of technology from its rival. And nobody speaks about spying now.  

Anyway, Huawei denies all charges. Notwithstanding that it has been blacklisted in the United States since this May, it continues to market its products. And right now it is pushing forward with its new smartphone launch.

What about the phone?

A new Mate 30 smartphone will be released in its advanced version, Mate 30 Pro. The flagships will be the first smartphones since the US government has blacklisted the brand earlier this year. But Huawei will not be able to cooperate with Google and other American companies because it has not got a government license. Well, we’ll see.

Until then, the official announcement of Mate 30 is expected on September 19. If we are not mistaken, Mate 20 was available at the market on the day of release. So, we hope that this time we access the smartphone as soon as possible after the announcement too. Taking into account difficulties with American companies, we do not know what operating system will be installed on a new device. Will it be Google’s Android? Will popular apps like Gmail and Maps be available?

There are some support details allowing us to answer in the negative. The representative of Google recently announced that blacklisting prevents the Mate 30 from being sold with Google’s software. Huawei has not convinced otherwise, but there is also information that the company will not suggest a new smartphone with the Harmony OS — the operating system of Huawei. Well, here we have a bunch of unknowns.

But we know for a fact that the device with be equipped with four cameras arranged in a circular cutout on the back. There are some leaked images over the Internet proving it. And probably it will have a 6.6-inches display. As to the design, we expect curved edges and a wide notch near the top of the screen where front-facing cameras will be located. The hardware should be well-done as usual. We think that the producer will continue to follow Apple and suggest the same processors — Huawei’s Kirin 990 chipset. Reuters informs that the new smartphone will work with 5G networks.

Waiting Is Hard

Well, that is all we can say about the Mate 30. We must admit that the stories about this release stir up the public interest. Everybody waits with impatience for these smartphones, and we believe that they will not be a frustration.

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