New Looking for Group feature in Windows 10 Game Bar

  • Josh Clemm
  • 2019-18-Nov

Windows 10 Game Bar continues to be improved, and with the latest update, we see the increased functionality which will be nifty for those gamers who want to find people to play online games with. 

New LPG Feature Looks Good Even in Beta Testing Version

The latest introduction is in beta right now and can be accessed by Game Bar testers only. The bugs are expected, but we’re excited to know that it will be so easy to find like-minded gamers and enjoy big-name multiplayer titles online. The early version is obviously “raw” and needs improvements, but we’re sure that the range of the supported games will be significantly bolstered in the release version of the Game Bar. 
A number of supported big-name titles include Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Sea of Thieves.

Take the Most Out of Custom Parameters

Perhaps, you’re one of those who prefer to play with a regular group of teammates online. That’s absolutely fine until you realize that your friends won’t always be around, so here’s when LPG function may become very handy. You can form a new group to go for a session with, and the gamers will vary depending on your mood and personal preferences. You can easily specify that “trash talking” is a fair game or if you feel like you need to go through basics again and teach newbies along the way, you may choose new players to be in your team. 

If you want to have a certain number of gamers in your group, you can specify that. Start time can also be designated, and you can vet the folks who want to join your team while chatting with them via text or even voice. It’s good that you can have a premade party instead of relying on in-game random matchmaking, which can lend you with weak or unfriendly teammates. Besides such benefit as vetting other gamers, you may grab the experience point bonuses if you play with your friends in Apex Legends. 

Our Verdict

With each update, Windows 10 gets more and more functional, secure, and useful. Introduced features can save time, give peace of mind, and may even help focus on work. We can’t say that Windows 10 together with its Game Bar is perfect but improvements are genuinely useful and we can’t wait to know what’s new to come. 

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