Pokemon Masters Pre-Registration Started

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Pokémon games get more and more diverse with each new release. So is with Pokémon Masters, a game about to be released by The Pokémon Company and DeNA. Any Pokémon game is a competition, but this time it’s about to get hot like never before.

Platforms and Dates

The game is a real blessing for those Pokémon fans who happen to own no Nintendo device (yes, they exist). It’s planned to be released on iOS and Android, for both phones and tablets. Pre-registration has already started; if you want to join, you only need to proceed to the page on Google Play or App Store and subscribe. As soon as the game is available, you’ll have it on your device.

You’re lucky if you use Android and live in Singapore or Canada; these countries will probably be the first to welcome the new game and try it. This limited release is promoted as “preview version”; this may mean an expanded beta test, in real usage. If it’s successful, the world release will follow. But, as usual, some countries will form the first wave, and others will have to wait.

The final date hasn’t been announced, but the rumor has it that the game will be released this summer.

What’s New?

We’ve already mentioned that any new mobile Pokémon game is a bit of innovation. This time we’re about to explore a new spot in the Pokémon Universe, as well as try new battle mechanics. The Pokémon Company has already uploaded some videos explaining the process.

First of all, instead of collecting Pocket Monsters you now form your team of the most famous Pokémon trainers, becoming thus a “meta-trainer.” The matches are 3-vs-3 cooperative battles, with both PvP and co-op elements integrated. DeNA, the co-developer, is known for its projects like Fire Emblem Heroes, so you could already imagine its style with Pokémon.

Second, the location is completely new. Little is known of it. But it’s never been seen in any Pokémon game before.

You Are Free to Play, Master!

We’re not sure yet about its integration with other Pokémon games. it would have been great to have the common Pokedex, sharing your collection across games within the franchise.

As for microtransactions the game features, they aren’t a new thing for Pokémon universe. Like other mobile games, this one will be free to play, but lots of items will be easier to purchase for real money.

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