Selfie Genius: 5 Apps That Will Make Your Selfies Fabulous

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-29-May

Let's agree on this: snapping selfies with the default camera feels bland, insipid, and boring. And rightly so! With the right mobile app you can squeeze much more of an ordinary selfie, turning it into a fancy digital self-portrait, a true art statement. To wow your Instagram followers, Facebook friends or Tinder matches, read our Top 5 selfie apps selection and take notes.

1. FaceTune2 — From Pretty to Gorgeous

FaceTune2 Screenshots

FaceTune2 is a photo-editing tool that will be a plastic surgeon for your selfies, so to say. Loaded with numerous features, it feels easy to control thanks to the intuitive UI and easily tweakable parameters. FaceTune can beautify your facial features — eyes, lips, brows, teeth, nose, jaws, etc. Its competence spans both light retouching and a solid facelift.

Your creative horizons are infinite here: change the eye color from grey to golden brown, lighten/darken the skin tone, adjust the cheekbone symmetry, make your hair darker than night, etc. Now you won't even have to go to the beach to snap a selfie with impressively tanned skin! Besides, it has a few clever filters that can blur or brighten a background in the photo. Truly, a creative mind should have no limits.

2. FaceApp — Add More Playfulness

FaceApp Screenshots

You may not have a machine for time travels. But you won't need it with FaceApp for it gives you power over time itself and more! With it, you can make your selfies look younger/older or even change your gender and see what you would look like if you were a person of the opposite sex. The app is AI-powered and allows you to play Russian roulette with its quirky and fun face transformations. Smile feature is one of those, just don't get creeped out when trying it for the first time.

3. YouCam Perfect — Yes You Cam!

YouCam Perfect Screenshots

YouCam is indispensable if you need to improve or glamorize a selfie quickly. It knows how to remove acne, wrinkles, moles, and other skin blemishes. Other adjustable parameters include eye size, hair tone, nose enlarging/shrinking, etc.

One of the unique know-how that YouCam can offer is its body shape editor. By playing with it, you can make yourself shorter, taller, or more slender. If you're out on a pub night with your friends, collective selfies will be a breeze to tweak — the app automatically scans each face, allowing individual editing.

4. Retrica — Vintage Charm & Idea Sharing

Retrica Screenshots

Retrica is one of the artsiest selfie-editors in existence. Its repertoire of beautification tools is astounding — 120 filters to experiment with! If you want to go for a nice nostalgic, retro 90's feel with the Kodak-film stylization, the app can do it. If you'd prefer to get more creative and combine various filters and presets to set a unique mood for every single selfie — knock yourself out!

Your snaps can be momentarily organized into a picturesque collage thanks to the respective feature. Moreover, it has about 100 stickers for all occasions. Another handy feature is the GIF-maker. With its help you can select a moment from any video clip and turn it into an original GIF file, to irritate your buddies later in Snapchat, WhatsApp and so forth.

In case you have a thirst for recognition or want to get inspired, Retrica has its own creative community where users can share their edited snaps, collages, and ideas online.

5. B612 Camera — AR and Cuteness

B612 Camera Screenshots

B612 barely needs any introduction. Odds are you've seen someone's photos adorned with a pair of bunny/kitty/doggy ears. If yes — you have witnessed the app at work. It has an enormous library of retouching effects that add a tinge of perfection to your skin, facial features, eyes, and so on.

However, B612 have conquered its fame and notoriety for the augmented reality stickers that it's packed with — there are almost 1500 of them. They can be both used on pictures or short videos that last 3-6 seconds. Their variety is quite wondrous and you will find:

  • Classic emojis;
  • Flower crowns;
  • Pink bunny ears;
  • Kitten whiskers;
  • Eyeglasses and shades;
  • Animal pictures (bears, cats, puppies, koalas).

Besides, your video clip can be turned into a short music video — the app allows adding snippets from your favorite tunes. B612 has a modest AI integrated with it, so it perfectly remembers which features you prefer using most of the time. As a result, they will be offered to you pronto whenever you begin editing a new snap.

Go Digital or Stay Real?

With these apps, you may assemble an entire photo gallery of glamorous selfies. It's harmless as long as you intend to make the color tonality of your photos brighter, experiment with the backgrounds or disguise a bloody mosquito bite. However, be wise and don't overdo it with retouching, filtering, and beautification. There's nothing better than natural beauty. And don't let any doubts bother you: you are already beautiful.

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