Some Next Version Features In iOS 13

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

Are you ready to get new features for your device running iOS? We think that it is time to discuss the announced details of the coming iOS 13.1 — the fullest release of the next version of the software. Be ready for the little things which are rather handy and efficient even so.

List of Coming Features

Features In iOS 13In iOS 13, you will find such expected options as extremely popular and most requested Dark Mode. It allows you to save the battery charge together with your eyesight and Safari Download Manager increasing download speed. But the most exciting surprises are coming with iOS 13.1.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Maps will be seriously improved, and we would mention its Share ETA feature. With new iOS, you will be able to share your estimated time of arrival with your friend directly from your navigation using Messages. This is a perfect way to render assistance to someone who is trying to get to the destination in an unknown environment.
  2. There are two Shortcuts App features we’d mention: Automation and Write to Files App. If you want your shortcuts on at a particular time automatically, you should apply the former. Your certain action of activating an NFC tag by tapping can launch this feature making the Shortcuts app automated to the fullest extent. Consider the latter when you want to make the Shortcuts app to write to a directory in the Files app directly. It allows you to perform fewer actions to perform a task and reduce the time of operation.
  3. You will get additional parameters for Siri. You will find a new context in Siri requests for third-party apps. There are even screenshots with a description of the process, allowing you to understand the changes in Siri parameters. For instance, you can to tell Siri to log the product you ate before, it suggests you the list so you could choose the ones you want now, and Siri will save this information.
  4. We could not skip New Dynamic Wallpapers. This is not a rare initiative of Apple to provide new wallpapers — they are coming with every iOS update. But this time we’ll get new dynamic wallpapers featuring various moving objects like floating bubbles.

Share If You Care 

We suppose that the above features are somewhat helpful and make iOS even easier to use. Apple has made a big deal with those little things which are numerous and powerful. We would recommend to wait for the release and try them all, but if you are impatient, you can download the iOS 13.1 Beta 2.

Please, share this information with your friends to make them aware of the coming releases.

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