Stay Fit and Happy: Fresh Health Trends from Apple

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-09-Jun

Apple will make their clients lead a healthier and more active lifestyle via the Activity app. It is available on Apple Watch and iOS 13. And thanks to a new feature, called Activity Trends, it will be easier to monitor your physical routine and avert possible problems that may threaten your well-being in the long run.

Health is Better Than Wealth

Activity application tracks down and browses Trends. In other words, it is your progress at a few types of physical activity that you perform every day. These statistics are gathered, calculated and presented in the form of colored graphs, which show how well or... not that particularly well you're doing at the moment.

Sadly, the trends won't be shown to you on the Apple Watch. What you can do though, is to check them on your iPhone/iPad powered by iOS 13. Additionally, you'll need 90 days worth of physical routine stats and a whole year (365 days) of preceding statistical data from your Apple Watch. That is necessary for the app to crunch some numbers and assess your body's current condition.

Besides, it will:

  • track how much oxygen your blood gets during exercising, therefore figuring out your stamina level;
  • calculate total Move Points;
  • combine minutes and hours of standing on your feet.

Activity screenshots

Your Body is Your Best Buddy

At the same time, the Health app available in iOS 13 will work with another type of data. That type is called Highlights. They will focus on routine procedures that you would be typically performing to check how well your health is doing.

They include blood measurement, weighing yourself, checking cholesterol level, etc. Highlights are intended to track down negative/positive changes in your body and keep you alerted. Although it is unclear how it'll be implemented form the technical point of view.

However, with all of these innovations coming, we can predict one thing: perhaps Apple strives to launch their own coaching and guidance programs. Using machine learning, both Trends and Highlights must figure out the problematic aspects of your personal health maintenance. Once the problems are identified, it will suggest the adequate ways to solve them: a short workout every 40 minutes, tempo for a cardio/jogging, advice to go to bed earlier and so forth.

Another step that Apple may take is to incentivize users to be more active by letting them earn bonuses for exercising or just taking a walk in a park on a Saturday evening.  The bonus 'cash' literally earned through the sweat of your brow might be spent in one of the Apple services, working as a discount. Furthermore, the possibility of the tech giant joining forces with the sportswear brands or gyms networks cannot be excluded as well — it would be an interesting strategy to promote each other.

So far, the whole idea with Highlights and trends working together feels a bit raw and clumsy. It's still unclear how they will collect health data and punctually remind/motivate you to take better care of your body. And the whole coaching system might be just a mirage. Let's judge when the finished product is in our hands.

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