Super Mario Maker 2 Gets an Update for Playing with Friends

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-18-Nov

One of the few drawbacks of Super Mario Maker 2, a platformer with a built-in level editor, was not letting you invite your friends to your game. It had online features (or why edit levels if you cannot boast it?), with both cooperative and competitive modes, but it only led you to a random party of strangers. In the recent updates, this is fixed.

Not that you couldn’t play this unusual game with friends before, but it had to be a local party, with two of you with Joy-Cons. But now the game has changed, and players can form teams online of their friends or colleagues to play together. This was made possible after update 1.1.0 rolled out in early October 2019.

Anti-Conspiracy Theory

Why didn’t Nintendo offer a fully-fledged multiplayer in the original version? The company’s spokespersons give a clear and yet strange answer. Nintendo didn’t want players to team up, because in this manner they could have outdone others and dominate the leaderboards. It’s not clear, though, why other players cannot team up too against the team who manages to do this.

Probably that’s why the company changed its mind. Now Super Mario Maker 2 players can invite their Switch friends and cooperate or challenge them locally or globally. The update also adds support for Coursebot and voice chat within your current team through Nintendo Switch Online, the companion mobile app for communication. And, finally, now you can create courses on your Switch in handheld mode, using touch controls and buttons instead of Joy-Cons.

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