The Main Battle Royale Games of 2019

  • Heather Ross
  • 2019-20-Mar

It seemed in late 2018 that new Battle Royale projects would appear out of the blue, following the success of the hits we already knew. The idea of one-versus-all battle in a constantly narrowing space is very attractive as the baseline for various stories. And many of us supposed that Battle Royale would become a trend.

The reality turned out a bit different, though not as disappointing. Like the movie of the same name, Battle Royale is the sort of phenomenon that’s hard to follow. The list is full of familiar titles, yet they are not the same games we played last year. As for new ones, they are worth your attention even more, but being new becomes more and more relative these days. They share some traces (like original equality, looting for weapons, there-must-be-only-one gameplay, and an island caught by storm), but there are differences, and they matter.

APEX Legends

If you’re tired of unified characters of other BR games, try this one. Set in the Titanfall universe, it shows its own unique vision of Battle Royale, based on teamwork. The storyline of, say, Hunger Games with only one winner could be set in Fortnite or PUBG, but not in APEX Legends.

The squad consists of three players, and combining them is a special art. The characters (and that’s the other major difference) are not basically the same. Their abilities vary, so each character can be good at Offense, Defense, Support, or Recon.

The game has its own built-in Ping chat, so you can communicate with your teammates, using no third-party apps. Alas, it has no mobile version, while its closest rivals have.


The BR game by default doesn’t need much introduction, but in 2019 it’s not what it used to be., The developers are still serious about constant innovations, so the basic gameplay has now terrible lots of nuances, with new vehicles, changing biomes, volcanic activity that burns the ground, and the pirate treasure quest. Respawn system is reviewed completely too, so getting your teammate back is now rather an adventure than routine.

The mission, though, remains the same. Warriors on the island kill each other, trying to make it to the end, and use weapons along with buildings they make ad hoc. The environment is completely interactive, so weapons can be found, and materials can be obtained by destroying anything. That’s the base Fortnite is holding on to.


While it was here even before Fortnite BR, PUBG seems the least innovative on the list. It still offers the essential version of Battle Royale, with no complications like teamwork or fortification. That’s the reason one can always be definite about what game is better. Not as brilliantly remade each season (and, frankly speaking, a bit boring), it keeps stability as a pro for longtime fans. But many of its players wish the developers at least introduced the cross-platform play.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout

Is it possible that Battle Royale version of COD: Black Ops 4 will outshine the original like it happened to the original Fortnite? It’s hardly possible, as COD is a franchise with a million fan base already, but still, BR version is a good try.

The idea of a classical Battle Royale in Call of Duty visuals looks promising. The story is typical: fighters are deployed onto an abandoned island to find weapons in buildings and fight against each other while the battlefield shrinks. But there is an element that BR genre tries to ignore: zombies. They add drama to the story and, as a paradox, make the game more vivid.

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