Top Features We Want from The Sims 5

  • Viola Jensen
  • 2019-27-Mar

It’s been almost five years since The Sims 4 was released, and though it’s rich in mods and add-ons, it’s obviously not the ultimate game of the franchise. This life simulator is one of the most successful franchises by EA Games, so it’s certainly about to get a new installment. If the rumor is right, it’s already under development by Maxis.

What major differences to expect from the game that hasn’t even been officially confirmed? The only thing to consider is our own wishes and expectations. So let’s see what aspects of life we’d like to see highlighted in The Sims 5.

  • Auto-Save feature. It gets you mad when your progress is lost because of some unexpected bug in your computer or power cut. If the game process is saved constantly, it can just be recovered from auto-save files. It would be great to save it in the cloud periodically, as we play it online anyway.

  • Larger open world. The Sims emulate our everyday life, and the world that surrounds us is really enormous. This feeling needs to be recreated, and the only way to do it is making the world large. Not only should it have more territories to explore. It needs to be inhabited by more characters, with more living room, more occupations, more reasons to act, more social connections, and even more diversity in their basic moral values. It can cause moral controversies, and it certainly will require higher performance, but it will wake the world alive.
  • Better character customization. As the fans know, The Sims 4 was a big step back in terms of customization: all the rich options of selecting your appearance got dramatically reduced. We want more haircuts and eyes, statures and skin shades, tattoos and scars, and, of course, larger wardrobes!

  • More vehicles. If we want more diversity to draw your own type upon, it shouldn’t only concern to humans, but as well to our cars, bikes and boats we so often tend to animate. More types, more brands (fictional, of course), more imagination! Guys, we live in 2019, and Back to the Future is no more futuristic to us, so unleash your fantasy.

  • Real-time aging. Can it be something utilizing real offline time, so our characters can grow along with their makers? It will fix our emotional connection to the character we perceive as our extended self. Please. We want to see the faces change more naturally, with a smoother transition from young to old.
  • Yes, we can imagine how much more processing it will require. But we’re ready to wait a year or two to get it proper, just when new generation consoles arrive. Life is for making mistakes, and for making it right then.

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