Tropical Adventure: The Sims 4 Get a New Expansion Pack

  • Jessie Thomas
  • 2019-09-Jun

This June, actually on the longest day of the year — June 21 — The Sims 4 will get a new expansion pack solely dedicated to the life on a tropical island called Sulani. Island Living Expansion Pack will include that kind of adventures that you expect from a hot summer, spent on a patch of sandy land, lost amidst the ocean, starfish, hermit crabs and calm waves...

Two Tickets to Paradise

According to Mike Duke, senior producer of the Sims 4 game, authors wanted to give both players and their Sim personas a place where they could relax, chill and find priceless memories of the never-ending fun and summer.

He guarantees that every player will find an activity type they will cherish:

  • chilling in a hammock under a palm tree;
  • mixing pina coladas, Cuba libres or margaritas;
  • getting acquainted with a little mermaid;
  • launching an eco-campaign to protect the tropical Eden and so forth.

Gameplay will revolve around stuff you typically love doing when on vacation. Sulani looks quite similar to Hawaii, and here your freedom at pursuing lazy pleasure is unlimited. Some may fancy building sand castles, while others may take a sailboat and cruise around the island. And guess what — swimming in the company of friendly, prankish dolphins is an option too.

Exploring myths and folklore of Sulani can be your past time as well. But if you grow weary of relaxing all the time, there will be plenty of career options to pursue. Some Sims may get employed as lifeguards, making sure there'll be no drowned bodies. Others may take care of the island's nature to help it bloom.

The wardrobe will feature a selection of flamboyant holiday clothes along with the exclusive LGTB Pride clothing. The latter will be provided as a part of a deal between Maxis/EA Games and It Gets Better foundation — the non-profit organization, which strives to provide help and hope to the gay youth throughout the world. As a special gesture, the game will feature a gender-neutral bathroom.

The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack can be pre-ordered now for $40. It will premiere on June 21, 2019. More Sims 4 expansion packs are expected to be released this year. Among them are Moschino Stuff Pack and Realm of Magic.

The summer calls. And your Sim deserves a vacation too. Especially after all these years spent at building houses, starting dynasties and pursuing dubious careers. Pack your suitcase.

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