WhatsApp Gets Major iPad Upgrade

  • Heather Ross
  • 2019-03-Apr

It’s hard to believe, but there is no official WhatsApp client for iPad in 2019, though the service has been around for ten years, and iPad for nine. Tablet users had to install third-party services, load WhatsApp web page, or use iPhone version, with all its visual flaws and incompatibilities. This seems to end this year, and iPad will finally be whatsapped.

What’s Up for iPad?

The difference between the two apps should not be dramatic. First of all, iPad doesn’t necessarily have a SIM card, so the app should be able to operate without access to the phone number on the same device. The initial authorization can be made with code received on another device and entered manually.

Second, iPad with its larger screen screams for space reorganization. Chat and call history should be rearranged, so history of any particular chat or window of a voice/video call appears on the rest of the screen. Of course, full-screen mode should be available, like it’s done on Skype, Viber, Kakao Talk, and other rival apps.

That’s exactly the way the iPad app looks, with split view, just like described above. The app works in landscape mode: a great feature for those who prefer to use the iPad in a laptop style. Of course, it will be much easier to type long messages with the keyboard if you have one.


The release date of WhatsApp for iPad isn’t announced yet. But it’s sure that the app will climb up the charts to the top the very day it’s released. We’ve been missing it way too long.

iPad isn’t the only device long ignored by WhatsApp. It still doesn’t have an official app for Apple Watch or Wear OS devices, though the phone app sends notifications to these wearables and even allows for a quick answer.

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