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Angry Birds 2 is another part of the Angry Birds game series that was released in 2015. Angry Birds games are well-known because of interesting and gripping gameplay. In the game, players have to launch birds and eliminate the pigs. There are many various levels. The concept remains the same, but the locations may be different. In addition, pigs usually hide behind the constructions so you will have to destroy them first. But be careful, the number of birds is not infinite, and once you launch all the birds the game is over.

There are different birds, and each bird has a unique feature. For example, Bomb (the name of the black bird) can be used as an explosive. You have to tap on your screen to do more damage. The Blues (a blue bird) can easily destroy the ice once you tap on your screen. In addition, two more birds will appear, which is pretty useful.


Angry Birds 2 controls are simple and pretty common for Angry Birds games. You will have to choose the bird you want to launch and then swipe with your finger. The game will help you to aim so you could hit the target. It is easy to play the game, but due to the fact that there are constructions, which protect the pigs, the game becomes more difficult.

Angry Birds 2 uses 2D graphics. It is not bad because all the objects are nicely detailed, and the picture is bright and colorful. Moreover, the animation is also interesting. Birds can bounce off various objects, and those objects can fall and kill the pigs.

There is no blood in this game. The pigs just pop and disappear after you shoot them. We recommend you to download Angry Birds 2 game because it is a great time killer with interesting gameplay and many levels (there are more than 100 levels).

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