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Angry Birds Evolution is a fun game that has a lot of in common with previous Angry Birds games. For example, the concept remains the same: you have to launch angry birds into the enemy pigs in order to finish levels. But in this game, Rovio Entertainment studio changed the gameplay, by adding various interesting features and improving graphical effects. 

Developers tried to create an RPG game, where you will be able to put together a team of birds that will have to eliminate pigs that want to conquer the Bird Island. There are more than 30 levels. The game uses top view so you will easily see the battlefield. It should be mentioned that Angry Birds Evolution was released on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch platforms in 2017. But due to the fact that Angry Birds games are famous all around the world, more than 10 million users downloaded the game on their devices.


Angry Birds Evolution controls are simple. To launch the bird, you have to swipe with your finger and aim at the pigs or any other object that you want to destroy. The game will show you the trajectory of your bird's attack. Birds can bounce off the objects, which makes it easier to hit the enemy. There are various explosives that can help you to win the match.

Angry Bird Evolution graphics are different, comparing to the previous Angry Birds games. Developers decided to use 3D graphics. The game still looks cartoonish, but textures and shaders are nicely detailed. They are not blurred. 

Each bird has its unique sound effect and model, which makes it more interesting to play the game. We definitely recommend you to play Angry Birds Evolution. You will like the game in case you want to kill some time or you are a fan of Angry Birds games. Thank you for reading Angry Birds Evolution review.

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