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Apex Legends is a new online multiplayer game, which was released by Electronic Arts for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. It is a game of the battle royale genre, but developers changed some features and made the game more dynamic and colorful.

For now, there are 10 characters. Each character has its unique abilities. For example, you can create a great shield that will protect your team, or you can hunt the enemy with the help of “Eye of the Allfather.” There is only one map, but it is divided into multiple locations. For example, you can visit jungles, and after a few minutes of gameplay, you can run into the desert. It should be mentioned that you cannot play alone. You will have to put together a team of 3 people. You can play with your friends or a stranger. The winner is the team who managed to survive and kill the others.


Apex Legends controls are common for many first-person shooters. If you play the game on PC, use WASD to move, and your mouse to shoot and aim. In the game settings, you can bind all the actions to any button on your keyboard. The same we can say about PS4 and Xbox One.

Graphical effects are great. The game does not look realistic because the graphics are more cartoonish, but all the textures are nicely drawn. They are not blurred. Each character looks unique. Weapons look like prototypes of alien guns, which is really fascinating and interesting.

The sounds are great. Explosions sound differently. It depends on the distance. If something explodes far away from you, you will barely hear the sound. Each weapon also sounds differently. So you can figure out which weapon the enemy uses. There are no soundtracks during matches, but you will hear music in the main menu. We recommend you to download Apex Legends, especially if you like playing battle-royale games.

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