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ARK: Survival Evolved is a crafting, survival game with elements of the action-adventure genre. It is open-world. Launching the game, you will find yourself lost on a mysterious island populated with dinosaurs. You are naked feeling helpless in a wild ecosystem, which does not look friendly at all. Be ready to cope with those creatures of various sorts, which are everywhere.

When you are playing alone, it is almost impossible to survive without strong skills. While in a multiplayer version you will join the tribe and work cooperatively. But to tell you the truth, in this case, you certainly will enjoy the social aspect, but the difficulties will remain.

Still, you will play this game with pleasure due to its majestic design. The game is addictive even if you are at night facing off with a dinosaur trying to eat you. You will feel that you are so utterly alone, and that will make you quake with fear.


It takes some time to learn to survive. Here almost any action is based on a hunter-gatherer system. There are resources which should be collected when you kill a beast, or smash up a rock, or chop down a tree – there are plenty of tasks. You will gather berries and find fiber in the jungle.

There are levels, which change rather frequently and make your playing even more engrossing. First, you are offered the staff native to a caveman. Use a stone ax and campfire. Later, you will get compasses, guns, and spyglasses. Continuing you will move into the current time with radios and rifles. Each level suggests points allowing to buy a kind of a construction plan of a survival gear, which you are expected to make.

Thus, all the game you will be engaged in surviving and killing the dinosaurs using the staff, which you will find or earn. Be ready for difficulties.

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