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Brawlhalla is a 2D fighting platformer game featuring heroes with unique styles. The action happens on the arena. There are several types of arenas with different obstacles. Brawlhalla was released in 2014 by Blue Mammoth Games. The game is free to play, but there is a limited set of free heroes. Every week you can get access to new 6 free heroes, but to keep them permanently you should buy them. Game modes are online mode, local mode that can be accessed via the same device, single-mode, where you play against bots. Brawhalla has very stylish graphics, so every hero is unique as well as their set of abilities. You can play as 2 players versus 2 players or up to 8 players in one match.


Brawlhalla has 17 heroes that have a standard set of abilities and one ultimate skill. Also, in this game, it is usually not easy to coordinate on the arena, so you should master the controls not only for attacking but for controlling your character too. Every hero can perform light and heavy attacks. Simultaneously they can dodge upcoming damage and dash in any direction. Thankfully, on each platform, the controls decent and quite easy to remember.

While playing Brawhalla’s tutorial, you can adjust the difficulty to train yourself for a meeting with experienced players in competitive game modes. Brawlhalla is well optimized for almost every platform, but the best one is Nintendo Switch. It can be troublesome though when you enter 4vs4 mode, only ones with the fastest reaction would survive.

Brawlhalla reminds so much of Mortal Combat, but still cannot compete with the famous fighter. The game is good enough for playing for 30 minutes with friends and having a little fun. The lack of available heroes and no plot line do not encourage you to play further. But Brawlhalla is a free game for any platform and is a must when you have guests.

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