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Bubble Shoot is an exciting shooting bubble game that is fun for children as young as three years yet challenging enough for adults to enjoy too. You match three or more bubbles of the same color until you clear the level. To play, just tap on the screen where you want the bubble to go.

The game has two modes of play. You can choose either the puzzle or the arcade mode. In puzzle mode, blast the bubbles as the puzzle systematically lowers and clear all the bubbles in time to advance to the next level. For the arcade mode, the bubbles continuously move downwards, and you have to clear all the bubbles before they get to the bottom.

This popular game calls for strategy as you observe where to shoot the bubble to ensure you blast them as fast as possible. It offers you up to 300 levels with the first 100 being similar to frozen bubbles, and the other 200 levels give you a new and exciting challenge.

Each bubble blast earns you 10 points, and as you rack up the points, you get to compare your score with the other players on the Game Center where you can submit your scores to the Global Leader Board. This classic game offers you levels of fun that will keep you glued to your device. Blasting the bubbles that are high makes it easier to get through the game.

The game offers:

  • Numerous interesting levels

  • Easy gameplay for all ages

  • Two exiting modes to keep you glued

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