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Dive into interesting gameplay where you are a cat who is on its fishing trip! When you download and install the game Cat Goes Fishing, you are sure to lose track of your time.

There is no storyline that the game follows. However, there are many small tasks that you need to undertake in the game. You are a cat plonked on the shore of a lake with your fishing rod. In the same lake, there are many species of the fish. Your task is to catch these fish, take them out, sell and make money. However, accomplishing these tasks is easier said than done. There is a catch as you find and take out the fish.

Once caught, you need to take out the fish quickly and strategically. If you fail to do so, the bigger fish will damage or eat the fish that you have caught. When you take out a fish which is not in a good condition, you can’t sell it. There is one more thing that you need to make a note of. You can turn the fish that you have caught in a trap and use it to catch the bigger fish in the lake. The bigger the fish, the better is the selling price.

Use the money to purchase items and upgrades. Some of the things which you can purchase include hats, bombs, fishing rods, rockets, etc. As you progress, the game introduces you to many unique quests and challenges.

A side-scrolling game, Cat Goes Fishing is sure to keep you on your toes every time you catch a fish and endeavors to take it out of the water. The game is compatible with devices that are powered by Windows, Android, and iOS.

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