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Duolingo is the leading language learning app of the modern times. The app offers 11 language courses which include some of the most prominent foreign languages like French, Spanish, Dutch, etc. Duolingo enjoys an active user base across the globe due to its practical techniques. All you are required to do is download the Duolingo App and get started with making a profile. Then, you choose the target language that you aspire to learn and set yourself some targets.

Duolingo offers courses that are instilled with their modules. Thus, it becomes imperative to complete one module before jumping on to the next. The app also enhances the user’s skills by offering tests, and it is essential to clear the test to move further with the course. The “Test Out” tab on the app is a gateway to the tests.

The teaching techniques of Duolingo are impactful as the course is driven by the use of images, instances and much more. Also, the app lets you identify and focus on your weakest words.


  • Keeps you motivated with a goal-setting tool

  • Reminds you of the revisions

  • Impactful visual learning

  • Easy app interface

  • Systematic Approach to learning


  • Sometimes showcases complex grammatical knowledge

  • Human interaction is nil.

  • Duolingo is a fantastic language learning tool which is available on both Android as well as iOS for free.


The app is being globally recognized as the most popular yet emerging language learning app with a robust global base. It is easy to use and imparts solid learning to the users.

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