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ESPN has introduced itself on your mobile phones to keep you updated with every bit of sport throughout the world. It is the top Sports App currently dominating the market with an extensive customer reach. You are now just a click away from watching the live scores or the entire streaming of a live match. The app streams live events of sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc. Take a look at the features that the app has to offer to all the sports freaks:

  • Live sports commentary  

  • Live stream of matches

  • Live radio stations with both regional as well as the national language

  • Live scores

Watch ESPN App

The ESPN App is available for both Android and iOS. However, recently, ESPN has been made accessible on Android TV as well where you can enjoy live streaming of your favorite sport followed by the highlights and complete analysis. Below are a few shows that are being showcased on the ESPN App:

  • Basketball – NBA

  • Soccer – EURO and MLS

  • Tennis

  • Baseball

  • Golf

You can easily download the app for free, and the speedy internet connectivity makes it even more impactful for use.

ESPN has always focused on improvements to ensure a quality service of the app. The recent advancement done by ESPN was the introduction of the Watch Tab to initiate easy access to live streaming. The app is personalized in its approach whereby on entering the home screen, users are welcomed with the top stories and suggestions about their preferred teams. Furthermore, the app has also increased the on-demand content in the form of replays so that no match is missed.     


ESPN is the most recommended app which provides users with quick live scores. The online streaming works exceptionally well. What you do not get to access on your television, ESPN has made available just for you!

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