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Game of Sultans is a famous RPG game, in which players will have to play as a Sultan. Your mission is to rule the Ottoman Empire by building various structures, reinforcing the troops, and trading. The game was created by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd. in 2018. More than 15 million players downloaded the game on iOS and Android devices. You can find Game of Sultans in the Google Play Market or App Store. Developers regularly update the game. The last update was in August 2019. Some bugs and glitches were fixed.

After you start the game, you will have to select the model of your Sultan. It does not affect the gameplay, just select the model you like. After that, you can see some cutscenes in order to understand the plot.

There are three types of resources you need in order to build your empire: gold, soldiers, and grain. You can produce all the resources in the “Imperial Parliament.” You can find the place on your map.


Game of Sultans controls are pretty simple. The only thing you need to play is to click. For example, you will see the map of your empire. You can enter the Imperial Parliament, Union, Frontier, or play Campaign just by clicking on the required icon. You will see the number of your gold, soldiers, and grains at the top of your screen.

While playing Campaign, you will have to fight with other people. Once you are on the battlefield, you will see the power of your army at the top of your screen. You can always quit the battle by tapping the “Close” icon that is located at the bottom left of your screen.

We recommend you to download Game of Sultans especially if you are a fan of RPG games. There are many levels in campaign, which means you will surely spend some time playing the game. Thank you for reading this Game of Sultans review.

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