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Grand Theft Auto V is an entertaining story of a retired bank robber, psychopath and young hustler who have to deal with the criminal underworld, government, and different industries. In order to survive in the city full of lies and cruelty, this trinity will have to pull off some serious heists. The worst thing is that they can trust nobody, even themselves.

The gameplay is set in a vast open environment with a dynamic world and lots of activities to do. It’s possible here to hijack any vehicle and start a spectacular shoot-out with hundreds of cops anywhere you want. The game has evolved in nearly every aspect that was present in previous Grand Theft Auto titles. Physics where seriously improved as well as shooting mechanics. Driving had also been changed and now feels more like in racing games. One thing that enhanced the gaming experience, even more, is an entertaining and well-thought-out multiplayer.


  • Whenever you play as one of three characters, the other two independently live their lives and you may be surprised to find out what they were doing at the moment when you switch back. Switching between characters is also interesting and implemented in a way that reminds of navigation with Google Earth.

  • Ability to enable the first-person mode that adds more realism to the game and makes it more challenging as it narrows the field of view. The whole experience becomes much more different with detailed interiors and FPS-like shooting.

  • Multiple new activities such as golf, yoga, scuba diving, tennis, jet skiing and many more.

  • The gameplay is full of unexpected random events that occur in the process of exploring the city.

  • Improved pedestrian mechanics. Surrounding people now act smarter and react to protagonists’ actions even if It’s just showing the middle finger.

  • The map is much larger than in all previous games.

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