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Guts and Glory is a racing game with a lot of obstacles to pass. There are several stories with the game. In one of them, the key characters are a father and son with their bicycles which are going to participate in the annual Guts and Glory Race. There are other heroes with their unique style, but all of them should go along the route and have diverse experience. Pick any racer you like and navigate it. Your goal is rather simple as it seems at first sight – you should complete the current tasks and stay alive.

The environment and challenges depend on the level of complicity, but be ready that almost everybody you meet will try to kill you. Regardless of any hazards, you should finish the course. The tracks are expected to be almost insane with plenty of environments. You will have fun and a lot of laugh in both cases: whether you win or lose. Enjoy the process and realistic graphics!


Here you are also suggested to choose tracks and stages. All of them unique with the challenges correspondent to the certain skillset of your character. Though, you can try them with those which are not meant for and enjoy the different feel. The stages are rather complicated, but it is possible to succeed. If you think it is not enough for you, apply an intuitive in-game level creator, and build your levels with your own design. This is a creative activity, but it does not provide any bonuses to win.

You will be offered over 70 official tracks, over 40 hazards, and over 1000 levels as well as over 500 items for Level Editor to create your own version. The game is highly customizable, delivering plenty of settings which are really easy to use and adjust the title to your preferences.

It is difficult to get bored with tons of bizarre content and amazing soundtracks.

You will definitely be amused, of course, if you do not mind spattering blood, gore, and bones around.

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