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HBO NOW is another streaming video service which still stands out against a background of other products with a familiar purpose. It is supported in the U.S. providing the network’s library of movies, documentaries, sports program, and specials. All that content is available with monthly charge, but if you are a new user, you can count on free 30-day trial period. The developer does not market the app directly to users. It collaborates with Apple suggesting the software for its online store. Thus, if you want to benefit from this service, you should have Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad. But this condition only for signing up. You can watch content through desktop browser also. The updates are constant. As to interface, it is simple and clear with very convenient methods for navigating. There are various helpful sections with different information.


You cannot pay for HBO Now by a long-term contract, because for today only monthly subscription is available. To stream anytime with this service without a TV package, you should pay 14,99$ per month. Also, you are offered a TV package and Digital Subscription. The conditions for these two variants can vary by a provider. You are free to use any provider from a specified list. Subscription is automatically renewed. In all cases, you can cancel signing up anytime. Use it on multiple devices and get access to unlimited movies and series. Mind that this service provides you with new shows in real time, though, you cannot get live feed here, meaning that movies, broadcasted on TV, will be available at the same time, but broadcasted live events are shown with some delay. You can download this app on different devices, but the simultaneous streams per account are restricted to 3. To start, just download the app and sign up, watch on the screen of any device you have.

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