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Firstly, the game was published on December 8, 2017. From that moment, it gained a lot of fans, and on July 26, 2018, tinyBuild, famous American video game developer and publisher, released the version for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. Hello Neighbor is referred to a survival horror stealth game. As in any game of this genre, you should engage your logic, ingenuity, and courage to pass the levels. Hello Neighbor has interesting gameplay and plot. It is free to download but the game contains in-app purchases. 


In Hello Neighbor, a player needs to sneak into a house that belongs to a strange and mysterious neighbor. What secrets does he hide? Your aim is to figure them out. But here is one big problem: the developers implement the AI into the game that learns your past actions and modifies the neighbor’s behavior. For example, you decided to enter a house through a window. So, be ready to find a trap there. Choose a front door is also a bad idea because the smart AI will place the camera there soon. As a player, you need to always come up with new fresh ideas on how to solve the problem. 

Even if you are lucky and break into a house, the complexity of the game does not decrease, and even, on the contrary, increases. Now you need to solve puzzles to collect the necessary items to open the basements. If a player encounters a neighbor, he can use various objects to stun him and have time to escape. If you are caught, so the game will return all back and you will find yourself in your home again. Remember, that AI system will remember your previous unsuccessful attempts and make new traps. 

Hello Neighbor is played from the first-person perspective. On the center of the screen, you may notice a very small reticule. You need to aim this if you want to interact with the objects, for example, to throw in the neighbor. Please note, players can keep up to four items in inventory space.  Download the game and you will definitely lose the sense of time. 

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