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If you have the habit of using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message for your everyday conversations, then IMO might come off as a bit too dull for you. But sometimes it is needed for the sake of simplicity to have a conversation without any of those frills. IMO is extremely easy and simple to use – it's so straightforward that you can trust your older family members to try a hand at it as well. Send innumerable texts, make as many calls or video calls as you want and need, use the whole collection of emojis and stickers – everything absolutely free of cost except whatever data charges are applicable. Found across the applications stores of every platform, IMO is your best bet for the most user-friendly messenger app out there.


  • Instant texting to anybody on your contact list using the IMO app

  • Decorate your images with animated sketches, stickers and emojis

  • Make high-quality calls – both audio and video with a fast internet connection

  • User-friendly interface over every platform

  • Easy to install and download in every smartphone as well as tabs, laptops and desktops

Download and installation

As the usage of the app, downloading and installing the app is easy as well. All you need to do is find the app in the Play Store or App store of your phone or download it via the apk file link on your PC and it will install itself on your device. You, of course, have to register with your valid phone number before you can get started. Find your friends and families – those who are using it – on the contact list of IMO and experience a super simple instant messaging service.

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