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Mario Kart Tour is a speed racing game for mobile Android and iOS systems that takes place in Super Mario Universe. Basically, you will see all your beloved characters, the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom, and race on their behalf. The game was first announced in January 2018 and is planned to be released on September 25, 2019.

This will be the third Super Mario game available on mobile platforms. Nintendo promises that the game will stay completely free with in-app purchases. The beta testing of the game which took place in the USA and Japan from April up to June apparently brought positive results, and the game is considered to be promising. Additionally, to the main quest there will be numerous side quests that will require strategy and quick reactions from players. Developers promise all our favorite characters from Mario’s bunch, but also new drivers, multiple variations of karts and gliders.


Mario Kart Tour developers, Nintendo Company definitely has big plans on the game, offering high replay value, and never-ending races. Nintendo attracts an audience with a promise to provide the most colorful and amazing sceneries that were unimaginable for races before. Since we all are familiar with Super Mario games’ graphics, this statement is easy to believe. Here is some additional benefits worth of mentioning:

  • Simple user-friendly controls. Control your kart with one finger. You can navigate your car without extra effort. But beware! You have to train your fingers to become the champion in races and win the gold.
  • Frenzy mode. This mode is apparently will add tension to the game, as you will become invincible and receive the whole arsenal of great stuff you need for victory.
  • Extra challenges. With each new level, your task becomes harder. But this is not all. Some of the levels contain extra quests you need to take part in.
  • Awards. For every achievement, you will be rewarded. All the badges and scores can be displayed to your friends.
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