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The Microsoft Excel app is the most powerful spreadsheet app that is used for reviewing, updating and creating sheets on mobile phones. The app also works on a tablet. Working professionals use the Microsoft Excel App with easy touch-centric features to update the sheets or work effortlessly on the go. However, a subscription to Office 365 is a must to get started with the app. This Microsoft App has been designed for use on Android and iOS. For more information, follow the explanation below:


  1. Easily accessible in one touch

  2. The App is instilled with excel features including spreadsheets, graphs, charts, tables, formatting and much more.

  3. Efficiently handle multi-page spreadsheets for better performance.

  4. Integrated with Outlook and Dropbox

  5. The files are automatically saved on your phone when you exit the app after working.

  6. The app keeps on suggesting the required changes and what options are suitable for your working style.


  1. Not accessible on Cloud Drive for iOS users

  2. Some features are not convenient for the mobile app [E.g., Sparkline]. However, they can be viewed but not implemented.  

  3. Two files cannot be opened at once.

Directions to getting started:

The very first step to get the app is downloading it from the Play Store for Android users and the App store for iOS users. After the successful installation of the app, ensure that you get an idea about the app and try the features before getting started. The Excel app enforces easy access to the statistical data which can be reached through different sources.

The Microsoft Excel App is the only program that can be accessed on both desktops and mobile phones. The templates available let you commence your projects without wasting any time. Also, sharing the spreadsheets has become even more stress-free with the app. Just one click and you can share your spreadsheets with others, followed by providing them with the invitations to edit or review!   


The Microsoft Excel App is a recommended and impressive app that works amazingly well with spreadsheets. The core advantage of the app is all the desktop features that are accessible on mobile phones.

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