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MX Player is a super potent video player with subtitle support and advanced hardware acceleration.

Watching videos is a daily task with new mobile devices, whether phones or tablets. And the models that use the Android operating system are no exception. As a rule, these include a native player that is suitable to play videos, but only that. If you want a specific application that offers all kinds of possibilities, MX Player offers just that! It is a development of J2 Interactive and that, without doubt, is one of the best that exists today.

Getting this app on your phone is a breeze. It is totally free and, in addition to that, it occupies very little space since it is only necessary to have 6.7 MB of free space in the "used" terminal, something that seems incredible if you consider all the options it offers.

The interface of this app is not exactly the most striking. Not that it is a problem, but the interface is not exactly the most attractive that can be found today. Here, many other applications are better, no doubt. But what this program offers is functionality in this section, since everything appears in a list in which you can know both the number of videos and their locations easily. Of course, by way of identification in a thumbnail, you can see a frame of the video in question.

A remarkable aspect that is already an unequivocal signal regarding the number of options offered by MX Player is that it is possible to search content in local networks and even the Internet to play them. To do so, simply by clicking on the menu on the first screen, the Network Streaming option is selected, and the address is entered, either by name or by the IP address.

MX Player is definitely an attractive option for Android today.

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