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Netflix is an application providing access to various movies and shows. Though, you are suggested some beneficial in-app purchases. The service requires an Internet connection and is available almost all over the world. Broadcasting is delayed a little bit compared to the TV schedule. If you decide to try, you will be offered a one-month trial for free. This period is long enough to understand features and make a decision to subscribe and pay a monthly price according to the affordable plans.

Netflix itself produces a lot of video content suited to every fancy. There are services for kids only where there are no unsafe programs. To get access to this service, you are expected to download, open it and log in. All these operations will take just several minutes. Now you see a library and can browse whatever you like here. There is an option allowing to save the movie or any other video on a device in order to view it offline. And there is another extremely satisfying bonus – here there are no commercials.


It is important that this service is focused on individual needs of users meaning that its library is created thoughtfully. Moreover, it is able to recommend content which is interesting for every user. It happens when you apply this service often and show your preferences. It tracks a history to understand you better and finds the analogues. Thus, it helps to narrow search and get only favorites. You can rate content, and also you are allowed to create five profiles within a Netflix account if several users with various preferences are going to use it. So, with this app, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want anytime you have time to do it using almost any device which are specified on a developer’s site. It is possible to start viewing on a smartphone and continue on any other gadget.

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