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One of the most trusted sources for English dictionary, Oxford Dictionary has introduced this premium app. The mobile version of Oxford Dictionary of English is widely accepted throughout the globe due to the Oxford legacy prevailing since ages. Below are the key features that the app showcase:

  • Adequately completed and updated dictionary with the presence of over 3,50,000 words

  • A platform to make the most of the English words derived from across the globe    

  • Approx. 75,000 audio pronunciations for both common as well as rare words

  • Easy features and home page access

  • Offers translation feature

  • Automatic changes with the recent databases    

  • Not only has the Oxford Dictionary of English worked well with the words, but there are also significant tools that make this app worth the use

  • Automatic Fuzzy Filter – For those who do not know how to spell a word, this tool effectively corrects the spelling.

  • Wild Card Tool – This option ensures that the correct letters replace the ones in the wrongly spelled words.

  • Voice Search Option if unable to find a specific word

  • Camera Viewfinder where the app instantly analyzes the word when presented through the camera and provides users with the results

  • Recent List to give you the summary of the recently searched words     

  • Word of the Day feature for the enhancement of vocabulary

The core advantage of the app is that there are no in-app advertisements that would in any way hinder the usage. The app is available for free on Android.


Oxford Dictionary of English for free is the top app for improving your English vocabulary. The instant search results are the best aspect of the app, and it never lets you wait for the results. This app is the fundamental solution to your English confusions or for the enhancement of your communication skills.

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