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The main feature of PDF Converter is converting PDF files, but not just that. You can get this perfect tool turning your PDF documents into standard file formats and vice versa with all its benefits. Just download it on your Android device and enjoy. The process is fast and straightforward. You are expected to select files you want to change at any place they are stored, add them and follow the instruction on the screen choosing a conversion type, page size, PDF output and quality. It takes you several seconds to get work done to the highest standards. It is important that all files are saved on a device and deleted from the server used by the app. You can be sure in privacy and confidentiality using this application. It is well designed and suggests some useful options. It does exactly what you need it to do! Here you will not find annoying adds or a lot of sections of the menu with a long way to a command.


This app allows you to find and convert a document of almost any formats including Excel, Word, Image, AutoCAD and others. In addition, you can use it as an editing tool making annotation and highlighting or as a powerful PDF scanner. You can use your camera for scanning. Converter downloads multiple PDF files simultaneously and supports transfer to other devices using e-mail, AirDrop or simply upload to cloud storage. It supports Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. It is easy to delete any file if there is no need in it. You are not restricted in a number of files or their size. A4 or cropped part are both available. The app accepts even complex documents and provides the result with high accuracy. But if you do not need it to be perfect, apply a quality option – it can be low, high, or medium. In addition, it works smoothly, does not overload a processor and does not discharge the battery quickly.

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