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Pokémon Masters finally tells us more about the daily life, worries, and troubles of trainers, except for focusing on Pokémon themselves. Do you want to feel how to be a real master and train Pokémon? Now it is your chance. Pokémon Masters was made by DeNa and released in 2019. The game still has chapters in progress. For now, there are 18 of them, and the storyline is still not complete.

Pokémon Masters game is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms. The game was originally developed for mobile phones. Your main goal as a Pokémon master to take part in 3 on 3 battles, held on the island Pasio and become a champion. The tournament is called Pokémon Masters League.

While the game has the same name and belongs to the Pokémon series, this time you will have to collect badges, explore the islands, search for other participants of your team. Pokémon creatures are not the main characters here. You don’t need to spend on your time by taking care of them. If you decide to recruit a sync pair, you will see the story of this pair.


There are all your favorite characters and Pokémon gathered in one game. The graphics are pretty similar to the rest of the games in series. However, this time you have lots of time to explore the island and its peaceful but a little bit simplified sceneries.

There is good news for you. Pokémon Masters offers you a co-op engine. Now you can invite your friends and organize a team with them. There are up to 3 players that can take part in one team. This is a fun and light game for everyone who wants to feel how to be a trainer of Pokémon. But this is not all. You need to build a strategy if you want to become a champion. There are numerous players and not so many badges for everyone.

The controls are simple. You have to check your vital indicators and tap a lot. The game was originally made for phone users, so there are no problems with messy interface or glitches. You don’t have to take part in matches the second after you enter the game. Train and watch tutorials at first, and when you think you are ready, act.

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