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Ravenfield is a dynamic FPS (first-person shooter) that was created by SteelRaven7 in 2017. Users can download Ravenfield game on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. Ravenfield was created with the help of the Unity Engine. In this game you will have to play as a blue soldier. Your mission is to eliminate all the Red soldiers on the map. There are various tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles. This game has a lot of in common with Battlefield, but the graphical effects in Ravenfield are pretty unusual for first-person shooters.

Players can select their favorite weapon; for example, there are:

  • Handguns;
  • Assault rifles;
  • Submachine guns;
  • Shotguns;
  • Rocketlaunchers, etc.

Another beautiful thing is that you can download multiple modifications for the game. Usually, all the mods are created by players. You can download new soldiers, weapons, vehicles or even maps. Players show their creativity and always try to create something new and unusual. There is a custom-map support system, which allows you to make your own locations.


Ravenfield has one unusual and interesting feature - graphics. Ravenfield graphics don't look realistic. Soldiers do not have faces. The only thing you see is a gaming model that looks like a soldier. Weapons and structures are created in the same way. The graphics have a lot of in common with the Unturned game. 

As for the sounds, all the weapons and explosives sound realistic. They may not sound the same as the real guns, because it is hard to replicate the real gun sound, but you will surely like the result.

Controls in Ravenfield are pretty simple. Use your mouse to look around, LMB to shoot, RMB to aim, WASD keys to walk. You can change the key bindings in the game settings.

We recommend you to download Ravenfield especially if you are a fan of dynamic first-person shooters. This game is interesting, and you can always download some modifications that will improve your gaming experience.

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