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You've probably already heard about Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a popular action-adventure game in a western style. The story takes place in 5 fictitious states of USA. You will control Arthur Morgan, a member of some powerful gang. This character is to complete a range of missions and achievements to succeed in the game. You are free to get in touch with all that interactive world. Here you will shoot, hunt, ride a horse, interact with other characters and get rating making choices during the game. You are granted a lot of abilities, meet travellers and bandits in town and villages with farmhouses, find and train a wild horse to be able to ride it. Graphics are rather attractive and realistic with diverse scenes and landscapes. The plot is rather complicated with a lot of events requiring of the main character to be involved. The main focus is your right choice.


The game is played by one player. There are a lot of fights which are an essential mechanic here. Revolvers, pistols, rifles, lassos, shotguns, knives, and other weapons are available. You will be able to target, look for a place to hide, free aim. Targeting is possible in various versions. You can choose to kill or just to injure. Reaction on your actions depend on what have been done exactly. You are allowed to paint targets and slow down time. Power will increase as you progress in the game. You will become able to spot the fatal points of opponents. If you commit a crime, witnesses will see it and you are expected to stop them in order to prevent police interference. If you fail, police start investigating and chase your character. Even when you manage to escape the law, you will be tracked and hunted. Her gets bounty which can be removed only by paying it off. Becoming more experienced, you get improved weapon handling and increased rate of reloading. There are other features.

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