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If you like dark and gloomy indie adventure games with lots of hidden sense that make everything even darker, Sally Face is a perfect game for you. Under the cover of creepy cartoonish graphics and weird dialogues, you will be able to see the true story of a boy with a prosthetic face. The game was made by Steve Gabry in 2016. It is available for Microsoft Windows on Steam. The game consists of five episodes, and the 5th is still in progress. Developers promise that the 5th will be the last one.

You dive into the dark world of young Sally and his father, who after the death of his mother, had to move to New Jersey and start their life from the beginning.  Your adventures begin in the hospital where you wake up as a Sally with the face covered in bloody bandages. There are no hard tasks in front of you. You follow the storyline and press the buttons that are required from you.


Sally Face has a story to tell you. Each character of the game matters and each has its own dark background. Follow the story, and you find out all the secrets of each of them. If you think that the picture looks really horrible at the beginning just wait and see for the next episode.

The graphics that look creepy and broken can be definitely considered as a piece of art. It has its unique style and gloomy atmosphere, but still, Sally Face is a popular game mainly because of its graphics. Sounds in the game are intense, so you may want to lower them down from the beginning so you would not be distracted.

The Sally Face game has a high replay value due to lots of options you can pick while talking with others or making decisions. You don’t have to learn any specific controls. Everything is simple. You choose one of the options and click on it. Sally obeys your commands. With each new episode, you get the whole picture of what has happened to the main character and his face.

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