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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a long waited action-adventure game by FromSoftware. It tells a story of a Shinobi during Japan’s Sengoku period full of bloody wars. The protagonist was heavily injured and left to die by a samurai commander who cut his arm. Sekiro (one-armed wolf) was then rescued by a strange sculptor who had created him an artificial limb. Sekiro, loyal to his Divine Heir master, will try to free him from the Ashina castle and bring revenge on those who left him dying.

You start your journey in the old ruined temple that has become your main base. It’s the place where the sculptor lives and he will be gladly upgrading your prosthetic whenever you bring him necessary items scattered throughout Japan. The game features an open world, and it’s up to you where to head and what to do in order to pass the storyline.


  • Whenever you play as one of three characters, the other two independently live their lives, and you may be surprised to find out what they were doing at the moment when you switch back. Switching between characters is also interesting and implemented in a way that reminds of navigation with Google Earth.

  • Ability to enable the first-person mode that adds more realism to the game and makes it more challenging as it narrows the field of view. The whole experience becomes much more different with detailed interiors and FPS-like shooting.

  • Multiple new activities such as golf, yoga, scuba diving, tennis, jet skiing and many more.

  • The gameplay is full of unexpected random events that occur in the process of exploring the city.

  • Improved pedestrian mechanics. Surrounding people now act smarter and react to protagonists’ actions even if It’s just showing the middle finger.

  • The map is much larger than in all previous games.

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