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Marvels-spider-man is an adventure game with a brand-new character. Do you think you know this story? Nothing of the sort! It is completely different Spider-Man. The main character indeed fights big crime in New York, but he is focused on his private life and career in real life. He has been under this hero’s mask for 8 years and improve his skills in becoming a master. You will see stunning acrobatics, beautiful combats, various environmental interactions here. It is a real pleasure to keep such a character under control. The story is packed with a lot of actions. Superhero is combined with a human with his feelings and weaknesses. Graphics are so perfect that you will play as viewing a Hollywood movie. The playground is New York. There are villains threatening safety: bosses, criminals, tech thieves. You have to prevent a danger getting access to three chapters with various challenges and missions, new factions of enemies and fresh suits to unlock. Do not forget that there is a civil person Peter Parker with all his troubles.


You can change gadgets, weapons, suits and activities for your character. Here you will find plenty of integrated weapons. A lot of interesting details are created by Peter Parker himself meaning that it is you who will show creativity. There is a tripwire which is used in battles in several ways. You are offered to apply web bombs to control the crowd. It is tossed out and explodes when touching the ground. Spider-Drone is a drone as you understand. It floats above enemies to learn more information about them. There are a classic, noir, spider-punk suits, and advanced ones with a particular design. Being an open-world game, it suggests a lot of events behind a plot. Try optional sidequests which can be completed during the game. All that you see here is not the final version. The developer promises to release new features within the coming updates.

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